Web and mobile app development workshops


Modern Web Development

Learn the most in-demand programming skills: Python, Django, Javascript, React.

ICT Labs Workshop: HTML and CSS

Build Web Pages

Learn HTML and CSS
Full-Day Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn everything necessary to build basic websites. The code of every website is split into three layers: Structural, Presentational and Behavioral. We'll explore two of the three layers: HTML (Structural) and CSS (Presentational), which are critical for any type of web professional.

ICT Labs Workshop: Python and Django

Django, Getting Started

Your First Project
Full-Day Workshop

ICT Labs Workshop: Javascript and jQuery

Make Web Pages Alive

Learn Javascript and jQuery
Full-Day Workshop

Web Developers working with different frameworks, libraries and languages will certainly be required to use JavaScript professionally. JavaScript powers the interactivity and the user experience on every major website. In this workshop, we'll introduce you to the JavaScript language, jQuery, the popular JavaScript framework and the ins-and-outs of adding interactivity in the browser.

ICT Labs Workshop: Search with Django

Search with Django

ORM and Making Queries
Full-Day Workshop

ICT Labs Workshop: Python for Web

Python for Web

Learn Python and Flask
Full-Day Workshop

Want to turn your Python programs into web sites and apps? Even if you don't know Python, by the end of the course, you'll know the basics of Python, how to install and start using Flask framework, how to use a database with Python and your Flask app, and more. Flask is the little framework that can. With a low barrier to entry, tons of handy packages, and a fast start up, Flask is the go to web framework for many Python developers.

ICT Labs Workshop: Javascript and React

React, Getting Started

Your First App
Full-Day Workshop